Coming home


Above is a lovely picture of some scaffolding. I work on a building site so I get the pleasure of seeing this sort of thing everyday!

Ok, it’s not that lovely 🙂 but no beautiful building is built without it.

Scaffolding – “A temporary structure used to support people and material in the construction or repair of buildings and other large structures.”

It’s been 2 years since my wife Daiva and me left Bracknell to go and help the Cornford family start a new Church in Ealing. It’s been an exciting time. Starting as a small group in Pete & Nicky’s home, to now meeting in the Town Hall Ealing with about 70-80 regular attenders. It’s been brilliant to have been involved in a church plant from scratch, to watch and learn what goes into getting a church to grow with promotion and evangelism and also all that goes into making a Sunday morning service work. Of course there have been been challenges along the way but we have loved it.

It’s been great having Pete Cornford lead us. To see his enthusiasm every time we meet whether that be a team meeting, a prayer meeting, Sunday morning service, house group during the week or a church social. He has such drive, amazing passion for the church and big faith in what God can do. We have felt privileged to have known him and his amazing family the last couple of years.

Our original plan was to go up until September of this year, and although we have thought from time to time about staying, especially as we have made some great friends, we have not felt that is what God was calling us to do – just like the scaffolding I see on the building site’s our stay was temporary, I hope we were useful.

So we are coming home to the Kerith, with the new addition to the Johnson family, our Son Caleb 🙂


As much as we are sad about leaving Redeemer in Ealing at a time where it feels like the church is really gathering momentum, we are really excited about coming back to the Kerith. We have managed to pop back from time to time, to listen to the preaches and to keep in touch with what’s going on through Simon’s blog. It’s been great to hear how the vision and the impact of the community in Bracknell continue to grow.

In some ways it feels like we are coming back to a very different church than the one we left but also at a very exciting time with the new site in Sandhurst about to launch. I would encourage anyone thinking about getting involved in that to go for it, even if like us it’s just for a year or two. To think we have been involved at the early stages of something God might grow to impact the borough of Ealing for generations is something that makes us happy 🙂

Looking forward to linking up with friends at the Kerith, to again being part of the community, to getting involved and serving.

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